Genesis Silver Foam Roller

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Guaranteed the most effective and comfortable foam roller you will ever own!

This foam roller has a unique patented design that cradles your body for quick results with more comfort and ease. Rollga bypasses the bone structure, such as the spine, shins and hips, to unlock hard to access knots. Rollga also allows for muscle displacement to ensure the muscle fibers are guided and protected from the damaging shifts and pressure.

At 18 inches, Rollga is big enough to treat your whole body and small enough to fit in your backpack. See density guide to help you select the appropriate Rollga for your user experience.

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Included: Carry Strap
Color: Silver
Density: Standard

Size: 18" Long x 6” Diameter
Weight: 11 oz
Packaging: Shrink Wrap and Box Sleeve

Material: EPP Foam
Core: Solid Foam

100% Recyclable 

Stop - Drop & Rollga!