Carboflex 135 S

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A new racket with a lighter frame and a body-built shaft. 135 S replaces 140 with weight and balance to fit any serious squash player. What makes the Carboflex 'Speed' series appealing is the unique Isomorph Shaft design. This shaft design allows for a stiff feel (for more power) while still offering superior flex benefits for ultimate feel.

The addition of Tecnifibre’s new "Custom Fit Bumper" incorporates a “detachable” bumper to offer a more customized head-light feel to the series.

Weight: 135g +/- 5g (4.70oz)
Head size: 500cm² (77.5in²)
Balance: 355 +/- 5mm
Length: 68.5 cm (27 in)
Cross Section: 18 mm
Stiffness: 79 RA
String pattern: 14 x 18

Specification Sheet