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Why timing is important in Squash sport?

Every sport has some important factors to consider and timing is one of the factors to play squash and be a professional player. In addition to weight transfer in the squash sport, timing is another essential part to keep in mind for achieving desired success in shots. Once you have mastered over timing in the game, it will be easy to transfer your entire weight through the ball efficiently. Eventually, you exercise complete control in squash game. You will find difficulty in reaching the desired accuracy for delivering shots if you do not have control on timing while playing squash.

Three Necessary factors to consider for timing in squash sport:

#1 The moment you hit the ball in front of you:

One of the important factor to consider about timing in the game is while hitting the ball in front of you. If you enable the ball to get at the back of you or just level with your belly button, your shots in the game will not be as per your projection. Your control in the game moderately decreases if you enable the ball to get at the back of you. It will be tough to get the parts of your body behind the ball and eventually you will not be able to transfer the required weight for your shots when you swing. To achieve the desired result from your shot it is essential to have the ball in front of you and thereby you get your body weight through the ball as per your expectation. It is possible to get most of the shot even while playing drop shot in the game. You must buy top brands of head squash rackets and squash ball for playing the game.

#2 Timing is important for backhand also:

Another essential part where timing plays an important role is at backhand. You are provided with the higher margin for error when you play at forehand side of the court. Your backhand technique is meant to be accurate if you want to excel in the game of squash. It is important to practice often to strike the ball when it is kept in front of you at backhand side. It involves a lot of body movements for getting the ball in front of you but you have to give a better shot.

You must hit the side wall first in order to hit the ball late which in turn will provide the best shot to hit the side wall first. Once you discover that your backhands are hitting the side wall first, it is likely that you are hitting the ball when it comes to a level with your belly button or at the back of you. It is important to keep adequate distance between you and the ball. If your shot is insubstantial then it is expected that your ball is placed behind your body while delivering the shot. We provide top brands of squash accessories like victor squash rackets, Dunlop squash balls, etc.

#3 Upgrading when the ball is behind you:

You must avoid getting nervous if the ball goes behind you or you’re incompetent to get around it. The easiest way is to lead with your back leg while playing squash. When you put your left leg towards the ball it is easy to get your weight just at the back of ball again. Eventually, you are likely to get the desired results and have better control in the game.

Wrapping Up:

So, aforementioned factors are important regarding the timing of squash sport. If you are looking forward to buying top brands of squash accessories, feel free to contact us, and we will assist you in selecting the right squash accessories as per your preference and budget.


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