Which Squash Shoes Are The Lightest?

Squash shoes are one of the most important parts of the squash equipment. Their importance in the game is almost equal to that of the squash racquet and ball. Without proper squash shoes, the players would not be able to move around the court swiftly, and thereby their entire game would get compromised. Besides this, good squash shoes are essential for protecting the feet and joints of the players. If the shoes you choose to wear during a squash game are not comfortable, or they do not protect good protection to your feet, the chances of injury during the game rise significantly.

 Some of the important factors that one should consider while choosing a squash shoe for himself or herself are as follows:

  • Traction or grip
  • Durability and long lasting
  • Fitment and comfort
  • Cushioning in the shoes

 While all of the above factors are extremely crucial, there is another aspect players should look for when select the right squash shoes. The shoes must be light in weight. Many times, due to heavy cushioning and providing extra grip in the soles, the manufacturers end up making them very heavy. As a result of this extra weight, the players tend to get tired a lot sooner. It makes them feel as if they have to play with extra weights tied around their ankles. This can have a negative impact on their game. Therefore, it is essential for the players to make sure that their squash shoes are extremely lightweight.

 Choosing From The Best Brands

The top sports brands are aware of the needs of the squash players and therefore, they make sure that the shoes that they design, manufacture and sell offer to these players comfort, grip and protection, and at the same time they are extremely lightweight. The top three brands that come to mind when we think of squash shoes with maximum comfort and lightest in weight are:

  • Salming R2
  • Viper 2
  • Viper 3

 The squash shoes offered by ‘Dunlop’ and ‘Black Knight’ are also pretty light in weight and are next in line to the above three shoes.

Good Shoes Mean Good Game

 All good players know and understand the importance of wearing a good pair of shoes during their game. They are aware of the fact that the quality of their shoes has a direct bearing on the quality of their game. Thus, besides ensuring that the squash equipment that they use for their games is the latest and the best, the squash players also need to make sure that the shoes that they are wearing are lightweight, comfortable and offer a good grip.