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Types of Squash Grips

Grips play an integral part in squash games and give comfort to player’s hand while playing. Especially in games like squash and tennis where the players tend to get more sweating, grips play an integral role in the firm holding of the bat. If you are a squash player and feel you are not able to hold the bat properly, then it is the right time that you get a grip on your bat. For newcomers as well as experienced players, the best option available today for squash grips is Karakal brand. The No.1 grips are Karakal which are available in every sports shop and online sites. The beauty of these grips is that they can be customized based on size, color, and fabric. In addition to these, there are other types of squash bat grips in the market which offers the same benefits but differs in cost.

Special types of squash grips

There are a number of grips which offer the high level of comfort to players. Benefits such as super absorbent and super tacky, adjustable thickness, self-pasting and long life are the most important aspect of grips.

  • Super absorbent factor – the beauty is that all the grips whether it is victor grips, Karakal, Dunlop or Technifibre all offer the fastest Super absorbent feature.
  • Adjustable thickness – the grips are made for universal bats and if you feel that the grips are not suitable for your bat, then you need to change your mind.
  • Self-pasting – with all the grips a self-pasting coating is provided which ensure self-adhesive.

Type 1: Dunlop grips and victor grips comes with different thickness, color, and price

The beauty of the grips made of victor or Dunlop is that they come with effective grip holding mechanism. Dunlop grips has cushion and enhance the portion of holding squash rocket easily. In addition, Dunlop grips facilitate the player to play easily and there would be no circumstance where one needs to stop the game for pain in hand or fingers due to grip. Dunlop grips has cushion which is made of the material that can absorb sweat completely and gives the extra bit of air circulation inside the fingers. The same is also available in Victor grips at the different color range, thickness and prices.

Type 2: Technifibre Absolute Squash replacement grip also comes with range of thickness and colors 

The most important part of playing an effective squash game is the flexibility which the grip offers to the players. The Technifibre Absolute Squash replacement grip can be modified based on various thickness without altering the bat and the focal point in the bat. This enables players to change the size of the grip based on the partner, the stage of game and color of the bat to play effectively. Technifibre Absolute Squash replacement grip are priced reasonably in the market and can be ordered online. The booking process is easy and stocks are always available. So, there is no need to wait for the product. Booked once the product reaches you quickly.

Type 3: Harrow and Salming has a lot of grip offered for the bat with high moisture observing capability.

For players who tend to have lots of sweat during playing the Harrow and Salming has a lot of grip in hand to ensure more absorption of sweat.