Types of squash balls to use


Squash is an ultimate astounding and entertaining game that most of the people love to play, but only a few people have the certain and precise knowledge about this game. Only a few individuals have the idea related to balls, despite it being one of the most important things in the game.  The type of the squash ball a player chooses depends on his or her game style.

Here play style refers to the player's experience in the game that means it all depends on the experience of the players and how profound they are in the game. 

Each type of squash ball is very differently designed and therefore, people need to be precise about choosing the balls.  Here is the list of 4 types of balls of squash game:


  1. Double yellow dot ball (the pro ball):This is a most higher-quality ball that is used in the international games like world squash federation, women's international squash game and much more. This ball is most suitable for the profound professional players of this game.
  2. Single yellow dot ball (the competition ball):This ball is designed for the places like clubs and all, and this ball has the similar shape like the Pro ball, but this has 10% lower efficiency than that.
  3. Progress ball: As the name says, this ball is about 6% larger than the size of the pro and competition ball, and it is best for the players, who are building up the new techniques in this game and also learning new tricks in it.
  4. Intro ball:This ball is designed for the beginners as the ball is 12% larger in size than the pro and standard balls. For this ball, the hang time is 40% more than the pro ball, and this fact of the ball makes it the perfect one for the beginners.