The best squash racquets for the beginners!

Squash Racquets


The popularity of squash is growing among the youth and more number of beginners is taking up their racquets to live the energy and zeal that the game offers through strong shots! The racket is the sole weapon in the hand of the players who try making well maneuvered shots each time and gain the points viz-a-viz their competitors. Therefore the type of racket and its attributes become very important for the players. Most squash racquets are assessed along the dimensions of construction, balance and weight while overall size,grip, shape and racket composition are also significant factors. The string type and tension is however considered the core factor that determines the bounce and power delivered to the ball at the strike. With so many factors determining the quality and match of the squash racquet, the beginners often feel confused as which one to choose! However, experts have named a few brands which they claim as the best for the beginners.  Here is a list of top five best squash racquets brand:

    •  Victor Magan Center
     This is one of the most selling squash racquets and is in continuation of Victor Magan Center 09. Loaded with high quality Victor Lawntex strings, it weighs just 135 grams and offers head size of 485 cm square with the balance of 377 mm. It is made of high quality carbon fiber composite material that is really durable, has high tensile strength and above all offers the lightness. The best thing that experts like about the Victor Magan Center is the quality to price ratio which makes it the best choice for the beginners who are not willing to invest much but still want to have the robust experience!

    •  Dunlop Blackstorm 4D carbon
    The Blackstorm 4D Carbon is counted among the popular Dunlop squash racquets! This one has been developed in continuation of the Storm Carbon Black and Black Storm Supreme Dunlop Racquets. This one will offer you a large sweetspot and the blade shape with just 140 grams (without strings). The sheet size is 510 cm square. The authentic 4D Braided Graphite Technology has been utilized and it offers refined power usage by the player.

    •  Head Ignition 145
     The Ignition 145 from Head comes with the innovative Innegra Hybrid composite type structuring that assures superior shock absorption and thus high stability. This factor in itself is very important as the shock is reduced upon impact with the ball. With just 145 grams in weight, it offers the head size of 495 cm sq.

    •  Karakal XL-Tec 150
     The XL-Tec 150 from Karakal is a high end squash racquet and offers much to any player looking to improve the game caliber significantly. It comes in three weight segments of 125, 140 and 150 grams and among the most noticeable attributes of it is the 4 Nano Graphite Nodes that allow increasing the stiffness for better power and response.

    •  Dunlop Fusion 150
    This Fusion 150 is in the quality segment of Dunlop squash racquets and allows caliber boosting through ACS or ‘Advanced Control System’ which generates enhanced precision, stability and response maneuvering by the player. The most notable characteristics of it include the Power Grommets Design that is ensured through the soft polymer and the X-Life 17G strings.