Signs that your opponent is tired in Squash game

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Here you will learn some of the telltale signs that your rival has become fatigued during the course of the game. One of the best feelings is when you’ve caught a 2-0 lead in playing squash. Do you want to know how to take advantage of your opponents week spots during your squash game?

Revealing Signs

Get ready to learn more about the revealing tell-tale signs your opponent including:

  • Heavy breathing
  • Biding time by re-tying their shoelaces
  • Playing a longer hand to buy time

The signs may be difficult to detect, especially when a player is in good health. Other signs to watch out for:

  • Your opponent begins to move slower
  • When the shots become shorter
  • If they switch to quick-shots

Three ways to attack at your rival in squash game:

#1 You must keep your opponent active while playing the squash:

You must always keep your competitor busy in the game while making sure that they’re not aiming at winning shots. You want to keep your eyes open and your game sharp. Draw a distinct balance that allows you to play a more favorable game than your opponent by keeping tabs on their week spots and exploiting them. It would be ideal if you are able to hit gaps in the squash game. The latter works well, especially when you're playing is energetic against a tired opponent.  As long as you keep sending strong and shots, your opponent will find it hard to keep up and show signs of fatigue. We provide various head squash rackets at Hutkay that you can choose as per your preference.

#2 Garner control over the ball as early in the game as possible:

It is essential that you keep an eye on the ball, take advantage of the volley and us it for high shots in the court, this will allow your opponent less time to recover between shots. Staying more active than your opponent with the ball is important, but don’t become fatigued as a result of using this active ball control strategy to tire them out. Yes, playing a high energy game is a great idea, so long as your opponent is the one having trouble keeping up and you’re able to use it to your advantage. So, plan your strategy out well and you’ll be able to tire your opponent out and play a better game that allows you to take advantage of your opponent constantly trying to keep up throughout the game.

#3 Get your long shots past the serve box:

It is essential to stay alert when you are playing against a skilled opponent as they will be able to be able to detect that you’re trying to tire them out and reverse that strategy on you, it’s all about balance. If you see them mimicking your strategy, be prepared for them to give it their all and find gaps to exploit any signs of fatigue. Give them as little opportunity to recover and switch you strategy up while being prepared to defend yours during the game.

Final Thoughts:

So, the signs, as mentioned above, are essential to consider while playing the squash game with your rival, plan your strategy accordingly ahead of time. If you are looking forward to buying top brands of squash bag, feel free to contact us, and we will assist you further in choosing right kind of squash accessories as per your requirement and budget.

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