Protect Your Eyes with Squash Eyewear

Eye injuries are not so uncommon with racquet sports. A player’s eyes are at risk from the ball as well as an opponent’s racquet. Squash is played in close quarters and it is recommended on most squash courts to protect oneself with certified eyewear.

According to the American Academies of Ophthalmology and Pediatrics, the American Optometric Association, and eye care professional, squash related eye injuries can be easily prevented with appropriate protective equipment. In fact, according to US Squash Policy, all players must wear protective eye gear when playing squash. You can get the best eye protection with polycarbonate lenses. The US standard for racquet sports eyewear is ASTM-F803.

Technifibre squash eyewear

Eye protection glasses from Technifibre are approved by UK Squash and Racquet Ball Association. These polycarbonate lenses prevent fogging due to vented shields for improved air flow. The shatterproof and anti-scratch nature of this arched squash eyewear provides ample protection. Additionally, the nylon frame is impact-resistant and has curved side-arms with rubber grips. Technifibre squash eyewear meets ASTM F803 and BS 7930.1 protection requirements.

Harrow squash eyewear

Protective eyewear from Harrow has an ergonomic nosepiece encased in rubber to sit comfortably on the face. The wraparound design allows for maximum visibility. Harrow squash eyewear has anti-fog inner lens and comes with adjustable strap for customized fitting.


Black Knight Squash eyewear

Squash eyewear from Black Knight conforms to BSI impact standards. The turbo eye protection features include scratch resistant lens and no distortion.

Dunlop Squash eyewear

Squash eyewear from Dunlop prevents misting and offer stability and safety. The diamond coated polycarbonate lens and aculon frame coupled with adjustable arms and moulded nose pads make it a reliable protection during racquet sports.