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How to play squash sport?

Squash, is an exciting game with a huge following all over the world. But, would you believe that there are some people who are sports aficionados and yet do not know how to play squash?

Well, if you fall into this above category then wait, wait, and wait! You have come to the right place. Scroll down to learn how you can play squash. We will tell you everything you need to know in order to play this popular, yet underrated, game.

  • Rules Of The Squash Court:
There are 4 walls in the squash court and these are; 2 side walls, a front wall, back wall and the floor.
The front wall includes 3 lines namely:
-Service line in the middle- The line where you are required to hit at the time of your serve.
-The second line is called the Tin: It is a kind of half meter high metal section which is at bottom of the front wall. Hitting on this means the ball is just out.
-Out of court line: This particular line is meant to wrap completely around the court which also involves side walls and a back wall.


  • When will the ball be considered out of play?
The ball shall be considered out of play in any of the following cases:
-When the ball hits the floor long before hitting the front wall after you serve.
-When a ball bounces more than once while coming back from the front wall before the time of return.
-When the ball hits the tin line
-When the ball hits just out of the court, say, for instance, player, opponent, player’s clothing, lights or ceiling.


  • Check out our amateur’s guide to playing a game of squash:
-The game is played between 2 individuals (single players) and it can also be played on the squash court between 2 teams of 2 doubles.
-In this game, one player serves for beginning a rally that proceeds until one of the player hits the ball out or just fails to hit the ball much before it has been bounced 2 times. While choosing squash sports racket you need to consider numerous factors as a beginner playing the game.
-This game can also be played through varied scoring options like traditional (international scoring) and PARS (Point a rally scoring).
-The best part is that squash players have a wonderful option of altering the rules as per their needs.
-So, what are you waiting for? You just need to buy a squash racket and start with playing the game. 


  • Rules for serving in squash:
In the game of squash, the person who will serve first is decided by The Spin before starting the game. The moment a player loses the rally (meaning the ball goes out of the court) then the serve is awarded to the opposing player.
-When you have been the serving player at the start of rally and you lose that rally is called a “hand out” signaling a change of server. This serve will then be awarded to your opponent as the rally winner.
-If you had been a serving player when the rally started and you happen to win that particular rally then you will resume serving.

So, these above mentioned are some rules to be kept in mind before playing a game of squash. As a renowned squash accessories seller, you can visit us online to find new squash rackets and begin playing this game. Happy playing to all the squash lovers worldwide.

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