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How to choose the best rackets for playing squash?

Are you a hardcore Squash sports enthusiast?

If so, this post is just for you. In our squash racket buying guide blog, we will be providing some important tips for those In our Squash Racket Buying Guide blog, we will be providing some important tips for those in the market to buy new Squash Rackets.

There are two important elements to consider before we kick-start our Squash Racket Buying Guide:

Are you new to Squash Racquet? Hutkay has important information for you.

#1 Are you an amateur at the game of squash? Here’s what you need to review before you get started; head shape, cost, and weight. As an amateur, you may want to consider the least costly and lighter option for starters. You can find the racket’s weight on the frame. Another essential part is the racket’s head if the surface area of the racket is large, it is possible that the ball may connect with the racket's strings. Some heavy racket heads are to consider are; the Dunlop Ultimate and the Harrow Custom Pro Vibe.

#2 In the case of a pro squash player; there are other details to consider when buying a squash racket, such as the frame profile, playability, string type, balance, etc.

Frame Profile:

This is an important part to consider for a professional squash enthusiast. You can find a variety of rackets having thicker frame profiles. All these are much sturdier and drive more power into every shot during the game. For a large frame profile performance racket, Harrow Spark also works wonders for playing squash. One of the best examples of squash rackets that tears swiftly through the air is the Technifibre Carboflex 125 Basaltex Multi-axial.


This is also one of the factors which you must consider, does your selected racket fit best for your method of playing. At present, different brands like Technifibre, Dunlop, Wilson, Prince, are manufacturing rackets based on professional needs. These types of rackets are produced in large numbers and are quite advantageous for squash players. One such racket that works well for spins is the Mohamed El Shorbagy’s 125 Carboflex by Technifibre. The best part is that this racket is lightweight and includes the frame profile which is robust.

String type:

For some squash players, the string type is very significant but this should not be the deciding factor in buying. It is common knowledge that factory strings that are visible in rackets may not be suitable for long games. You may want to visit your local stringer to learn more about accurate strings placement. At present Technifibre brand sells rackets pre-strung with some high-end string. This brand is stringing their rackets with the use of 305/305+ or X-One Biphase. These 3 strings give better performance to squash players.


Some squash players are in favor of lightweight rackets while others want to feel that racket through the shot as they are playing. Pro squash players are good at moving the racket with dexterity in tight motions. Some players have been misled into believing that heavy rackets are more powerful than lightweight rackets but that’s not always the case. The fact is that the power in a Squash racket is initiated by technology utilized in the actual racket and has not nearly as much to do with the weight of the actual racket.

So, if you are a squash enthusiast, the above listed are important in items to consider before making a purchase. Rackets are classified as head light, even, or head heavy rackets. Best of luck on your game and remember, safety first.

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