How frequently should you replace your squash racket grip?

Are you a squash enthusiast? If yes, this post is must read for you because after reading this post you will better be prepared for changing your squash racket grips.

Undoubtedly, you must change the grips of your squash rackets as often as you can. An essential factor to consider when replacing the grips of your squash racket is how often you’re sweating in the game, your duration of playing the game and your level of enthusiasm during the squash sport.

Let’s find out the best time to replace the grip of your squash racket:

#1 If you play squash regularly (playing squash 3-4 times in a week):

You are required to replace the grip of your squash racket once every 2 weeks if you play squash continuously, i.e., 3-4 times in a week. Well, you may choose to continue with your grip even after a long period of time, but you will notice your racket slipping at crucial moments. You are also likely to feel surface of your racket grip getting uneven or losing smoothness especially when you want to control your racket during a squash game. You will notice the difference in changing the grip of your squash racket frequently and thereby be able to give your best shots in the game.

#2 If you play squash twice a week:

It is must for you to change your squash racket grip at least once in a month if you play squash at least twice a week. Again, it solely depends on how profusely you sweat while playing squash. It may be less frequent when using best squash rackets and Dunlop squash balls.

#3 If you don’t play squash frequently (only about twice in a month or less):

If you just don’t play the squash game regularly, you are not required to change the grip on your squash racket quite as often. However, when you leave the squash racket as it is for a long time, you will notice that the grips begin to color your hand. So, being a regular squash player demands replacement of the grip more often.

4 Signs you need to replace the squash racket grip asap:

#1 When you begin to notice that your light-colored grip is turning dark or getting black.

#2 When you feel your racket slipping from your hands at the moment you make an effort at hitting the ball hard.

#3 It is getting tough for you to get control on the touch shots, say, for instance, drop volley or merely the drop.

#4 When your squash grip has become worn at the edge or has begun coloring your hands.

Summing Up:

So, after learning the signs that demand to change your squash racket grip, you must take action soon on changing the squash racket grips. At Hutkay, you will find squash racket grips of different brands as per your preference, budget, and choice.

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