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Complete guide to squash racket restringing

In case of the squash equipment, you must frequently replace the accessories to help you enhance playing the game over time. Here in this post, you will know about restringing your squash racket in detail. Even though you play using best squash rackets, it is necessary to restring your squash racket often. If you are a constant squash player and play for 3 or more times in a week, it is highly recommended to restring your squash racket thrice a year to make sure about enhancing your performance in the game. The reason why frequent squash players must restring the squash racket is thatsquash strings tend to release their flexibility by regular usage.

Irrespective of the strings broken or not; it is crucial to restring your squash racket even if you are not a regular squash player.Regardless of the number of times used, strings are prone to release flexibility when pulled to tension inside a racket. Appropriate stringing improves the performance of racket while playing squash sport, for players around the globe.

Let’s check the complete guide to squash racket restringing:

#1 String tension of squash racket:

String tension of different squash racket is on the throat of the squash racket. Many players have a misunderstanding that squash racket having higher string tensions are sturdier to make use of in playing. But the fact is squash racket having higher string tension are less sturdier but provides better control over racket while playing. The strings of squash racket are just like the trampoline. The moment when squash ball hits the racket, it grabs the ball and then cut down the ball back with the considerable amount of power.

#2 String gauge/thickness of the squash racket:

Squash strings are available in 1.10 mm-1.30mm of thickness/gauges. Squash rackets having thin string thickness are for providing better control for the squash player. But the thinner string gauge is not long-lasting as compared squash strings having the thicker gauge.

#3 String grommets of squash racket:

Another vital part of squash racket is the grommet. It helps to shield your strings when they are injured or go missing. Without the use of string grommets, strings may snap before anticipated time. Being a squash player, if most of your shots are off-centered, there is the high probability of string snapping. You can find different brands of new squash rackets at Hutkay, as per your preference.

#4 String construction of squash racket:

There are two main types of string construction:

-Synthetic string construction:

Many times it can be seen that squash rackets are available pre-strung from the manufacturers along with the synthetic strings and 2 significant types obtainable is the monofilament, having single interweaved piece or the multifilament, having several interweaved piece.

-Natural gut string construction:

Natural gut strings are well-known for higher flexibility and provide better control over racket when you play squash game. Natural gut strings are comparatively more costly than other string types.

Wrapping Up:

So, above mentioned is the brief guide to restringing your squash racket. You must make use of good quality squash strings that will help you to improve playing squash game over time. Well, you must keep the proper record of tension, gauge and string each time when you restring your squash racket as it will help you in improving the overall performance of playing squash.


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