A Guide To Front-Facing Wall Shots

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If yes, this post is a must-read for you. The position of your body is an important element when playing a squash game. It is vital to understand your position and the importance your body’s location plays during the game. Players must be fast and at the ready to playing and recovering at all times. If you position accordingly, you’ll be able to get behind the ball quickly in any level of a squash game.  Your chest and body position and re-positioning is vital for from and side shots. Most importantly, playing from a head-on position gives you a good gauge of the wall and ball.  As the leading supplier of Dunlop squash balls, we have prepared this front-facing wall shot guide.

#1 Learn proper balance, accuracy, and pace in a squash game:

There are excellent benefits of facing the front wall in a squash court while playing the game because it is the quickest position to recover from in contrast with side-on. It is more deceptive when the squash player hits the ball from a side-position because you will not be able to figure out what shots they will play. The latter can affect the accuracy of your game when you attempt at playing any right shots. Sometimes players also lose their balance or not able to get into the T position on the squash court. You can check out our different brands of squash ball from Hutkay and choose as per your preference and budget.

#2 Preventing loss of accuracy by making your squash skills better:

The moment you hit the squash ball by standing in a front-on position, it will be vital that your racket and arm prepare to run the ball across the court from an alternate side. This is the main reason why players opt for hitting the ball from the middle position or just losing a shot altogether during a squash game. You must learn to have full control of following through with your hand so that you can also aim to hit the ball straight. You can then move outward and walk to the front corner of the side while standing. Your shot width is likely to suffer if you are not able to manage your hands in the game. If you wish to play the cross-court shot from the front-on position, then it will be essential to control follow-through and be more aware of where the hands move. We also provide the best brands of squash rackets and you can choose from different varieties.

#3 You must learn to bend your knees and balance properly:

It is correct that squash players play various shots in the game, right from the side-on position and later on lead with left leg on the right-hand side of the court. And you must place the right leg on the left-hand side of the court. It happens to be a stable position that helps you in playing great shots in squash. It is vital not to lose balance when opting for the front-on view. You must make the best of your timing when you bend your knees. You will notice many squash enthusiasts standing upright or leaning back somewhat at the front-on position. This will eventually help in reducing the weight in their legs, and it helps in disrupting stability as well. If you are aware of your body weight, then you will surely hit more accurate shots from the front-on position. These tips along with good practice will help your squash game a great deal.

Final Words:

This guide will help you to enhance your squash playing so, if you are looking forward to buying the best squash accessories then feel free to contact us, and we will assist you further in selecting right squash products as per your needs.

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